Plus Size Shacket Outfit

A plus size shacket outfit because shirt-jackets are the latest trend.  Most of the time I try to incorporate trendy pieces with classics.  But, today I am giving you trends-on-trends-on-trends.

The Shacket

Let’s start with talking about the “shacket” which is an oversized shirt-jacket.  It’s the latest trend and totally 90s, so I love it!

Because this style is boxy, opt for something tight or sleek underneath.  I chose an on-trend henley style bodysuit, which also has a 90s vibe.

And again, to keep it trendy, I chose a pair of distressed mom jeans.

Mom Jeans

As I’ve said, mom jeans are back!  Remember those?  Just watch some of the early seasons of Friends to see the classic 90s straight leg, light wash, ankle-length denim trend.

Personally, I like them distressed for a more “updated” look because I actually wore them the first time they were popular.  And I wouldn’t want anyone to think I have been rocking them ever since!  So somehow, in my mind, the distressing helps with that.

Despite their popularity, not surprisingly, they are hard to find in plus sizes.  Good American can’t seem to keep them in stock and Asos also has some limitations. 

But, I found some at American Eagle which, in case you didn’t know, now offers sizes up to a 24.

You can see more plus size outfit ideas with mom jeans here, here, here, and here.

As for the rest of this look, I chose even more trendiness.  Like these shearling-trimmed booties.  A faux fur pom pom beanie and a designer crossbody bag.  

Plus Size Shacket Outfit

Plus Size Shacket Outfit with plussize plaid shirt jacket, henley bodysuit, mom jeans, and winter boots - Alexa Webb

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Plus Size Shacket Outfit with plussize plaid shirt jacket, henley bodysuit, mom jeans, and winter boots - Alexa Webb

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6 thoughts on “Plus Size Shacket Outfit

  1. I love the shacket from Asos and the boots from Wal-Mart! This outfit looks great and is perfect for the warmer winter areas.

  2. Hey! I ordered the shacket from PLT… in the khaki. It was 50% off!
    Thank you for the posts! I’m loving your on trend, accessible style/

  3. I love your fashion ideas very much. Can you find plus size ideas from what Michelle Obama wore at the Inauguration?

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