Plus Size Stay Home Outfit with Nordstrom

This post is sponsored by Nordstrom and contains affiliate links.  All opinions are my own.

Today I am partnering with Nordstrom to bring you a plus size stay home outfit that is the ideal mix of style and comfort.  Oh yeah, and I added in some luxuries that make being stuck in the house much more tolerable!

In case you didn’t know, Nordstrom is having a pretty awesome sale right now!  And their sale includes over 2000 plus size items up to 60% off!  And as always, they offer free shipping and free returns with no minimums.  I also wanted to link to information about how Nordstrom is keeping its workers safe.

Plus Size Stay Home Outfit with Loungewear and flip flops for in the house and sneakers for walks. Alexa Webb #plussize #alexawebb

Routines for Stress Management

As I’ve talked about in the past, I struggle with anxiety and depression.  And during these stressful times, maintaining my mental health becomes even more difficult.  You might remember when I said:

[Because] I no longer had to see anyone, there was no expectation to shower, put on makeup, put on a cute work-appropriate outfit, or even brush my hair.  The bar for my personal grooming dropped so low that I was proud of myself if I managed to wash my face and brush my teeth.  And I lived in old leggings with holes despite having closets full of beautiful clothes.  These were dark times, my friends.

Like if a Fed Ex delivery came or a neighbor dropped by, I would have to hide because I’m wearing an old dirty t-shirt with no bra and have unintentional dreadlocks.

I know it because I lived it.  I was so unkempt that I felt like I would just die of embarrassment if anyone saw me…

Of course, part of that is just the nature of depression.  But ultimately those daily habits of personal grooming, self-care, and dressing for the day, help keep me feeling positive and ready.  Meaning, ready for life.

Point being, I know how easily and quickly things can get bad.  Further, I know how bad it can get, especially when we’re all going through such difficult times.

So again I have gone back to focusing on habits.  And I have been, very imperfectly, carrying out routines that include getting dressed and putting on makeup.  This daily routine helps me to feel normal.  Plus, looking slightly put-together makes me feel just a little better.

Granted, some days “dressing” is just adding a sports bra to my “ensemble” of leggings and a t-shirt.  Other days I can’t even manage to put pants on.  But, each day I try my best to keep these basic routines going.  And surprisingly, more days than not, I feel pretty decent about how much personal-grooming I can actually do.  Dry shampoo counts!  😉

Plus Size Stay Home Outfit

So all of this is to explain that when I thought about this plus size stay home outfit post, I actually got excited!  Basically, I thought about what I would love to wear to feel my best while also being comfy.

First, I saw this plus size cropped hoodie.   I love it!  I paired it with some Adidas leggings in blue.  Any blue, navy, or black leggings would look great.  Like these beloved Zella leggings or these Spanx crops.  How could you not feel a little better in this outfit?

Plus, I also made sure the outfit is off-the-couch ready!  Meaning, if you’re up for it, you can easily take a walk around the block or do an at-home workout. So you can chill in these glittery flip flops around the house.

But easily put on some fly sneaks for a neighborhood walk.  Show off your outfit to your neighbors, while maintaining a 6-foot distance, of course.   But, don’t worry, they can see your flex from afar!

Little Luxuries

As with most of my loungewear posts, I added in some “little luxuries” that make the day just a little bit better.  For example, sweeten your work-from-home day by listening to the new Megan Thee Stallion single with noise-canceling wireless Bose headphones.  I love every Bose item I have ever purchased, including my most recent find: the SoundLink.

And for me, an insulated tumbler, or in this case, insulated canteen, has become more of a necessity than a luxury.  I need my drinks that cold, ok?  And did you see the iridescent finish called “unicorn?”  Yeah, I want one of these!

Lastly, straight from my wishlist, a Garmin smart watch.  As I said previously, these watches make FitBits look janky.  This watch will do a lot [like, a lot] of things, not limited to: store music, offer customized workouts, track your workouts, including your heart rate, your GPS location, pulse ox, and other measurements, like VO2 Max, that I don’t fully understand. Plus, it allows you to read emails, texts, and more.  This one can also be used to track swim workouts!

Plus Size Stay Home Outfit with Nordstrom

Plus Size Stay Home Outfit with Loungewear and flip flops for in the house and sneakers for walks. Alexa Webb #plussize #alexawebb

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Another Plus Size Stay Home Outfit

Ok, so I couldn’t help but include a second look because I am obsessed with these plus size black leopard leggings!

Plus Size Black Loungewear Athleisure Outfit with black leopard leggings and a track jacket. Alexa Webb #Plussize #alexawebb

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Disclosure: This is a post sponsored by Nordstrom and also contains affiliate links, which means if you click on or purchase through certain links, I will receive a small commission.