Plus Size Thanksgiving Outfits – Southern Edition – Part 1

Back by popular demand!  Plus size Thanksgiving Day outfit ideas for y’all down South!  I must say that these posts were a struggle for me because I have been freezing!  While bundled up in bulky cardigans and my new fleece-lined Crocs (oh yeah, I’m bringing sexy back to “around the house” footwear!), I have been imagining what I would want to wear if I wanted to “feel” like it is fall, but it’s actually 75 degrees outside?  Y’all, that’s not easy!

Additionally, I took into account your responses to my poll on Instagram and comments from last week’s post asking about how casual you plan to be for Thanksgiving.  Overwhelmingly, you said you planned to be pretty casual and comfortable.  Not surprisingly, for me, that means jeans with some details that make me feel like a bit extra.

More Thanksgiving Outfits to Come

I came up with five looks, these are the first two.  More will be coming this week.  Here is Part 2.  Spoiler alert: I did include one dress that I think will work great for a multitude of occasions.  So, if you were hoping to be slightly dressier, I have you covered!  Make sure you’re subscribed to receive my posts by email as soon as they’re up.

I will also be posting plus size Thanksgiving outfits for those of us who will be freezing our asses off and looking for ways to look chic while staying warm.  And go here to see last year’s Plus Size Thanksgiving Outfits – Southern Edition post with updated links.

Plus Size Thanksgiving Outfits – Southern Edition – Part 1

Plus Size Thanksgiving Outfits – Southern Edition - Part 1 - Plus Size Casual Fall Outfits - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #plussize #alexawebb

Booties & Boyfriends

First off, both of these outfits feature slouchy boyfriend jeans, which will pair perfectly with these peep-toed booties.  When wearing a bootie, peep-toe or otherwise, with jeans, you want to have the jeans stop above the bootie, either by wearing an ankle length jean or cuffing them once or twice.

You can sometimes tuck jeans into the bootie, but only if the bootie is slouchy and/or tall, in my opinion.  Some people have different opinions, but I am generally not a fan of tucking skinny jeans into booties.  And the only time you really want to have a jean over the bootie is if you’re wearing a wide leg, flare, or bootcut jean.  There are tons of tips for this all over, but here is a helpful post.

Fall Colors

As I mentioned I was struggling to think of outfits that felt like fall while being appropriate for warmer climates.  Aside from perforated peep-toed booties, I thought about using color!  And I immediately thought about this lace top from J.Crew, available in sizes 6 – 24.  This coppery rust color is absolutely gorgeous and screams fall!

However, in my experience, this is not the easiest color to pull off for my cool toned gals, especially in a garment that is close to the face.  Meaning, an unflattering color in a pant or shoe is easier to wear as it is not going to have an impact on the way your skin tone looks.  Just typing that out, I feel like many people are going to wonder what I’m talking about.  So let me give you some background for a moment.

Are you warm, cool, or neutral?

As I mentioned a long time ago, skin tone and your coloring in general (hair color, eye color, etc), is a factor in how flattering a garment will look.  Actually, while we’re talking about it, I’ll also throw in make-up too.  So, it is really important to have a general idea about whether you are warm, cool, or neutral.  Or, if you remember the “Color Me Beautiful” book circa 1987, you may know your season.  And this may all sound like hooey, but I’m telling you, knowing which colors and tones look best can be life changing.

If you aren’t sure about your skin tone find 2 pieces of fabric (garment, towel, sheet, anything will do), one ivory and one bright white.  Stand in front of a mirror in a well lit room (preferably natural light, like near a window) draping both fabrics across your chest and shoulders.  Take your time looking at how your face looks with each one.  You should have a clear winner pretty quickly, but if you are struggling to decide, you may be a neutral, which means you are flattered by both pretty equally.  If you are really struggling to decide, ask someone to look at they fabrics with you.  They will likely be able to choose right away.

I used to help my customers learn about their best colors and skin tone in my boutique years ago.  When I brought up the idea, the majority of people would look at me like I was crazy, but would agree to try. Then as soon as we would get started with the white vs ivory, I would see a look of surprise on their faces as they realized that there really was a big difference!

FYI, I have added a post about flattering colors to my list!  So, if you’re still unsure of your coloring or what to even do with that information, I’ll be posting about it soon.  Ok, so back to the fall colors, they are going to look best on folks with warm skin tones.  Neutral tones can also probably pull off these colors.

Plus Size Thanksgiving Outfit 1

Plus Size Thanksgiving Outfits – Southern Edition - Part 1 - Plus Size Casual Fall Outfits - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #plussize #alexawebb

Shop the Look

Lipstick Talk

I recently got to try the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick.  It is highly pigmented and creamy.  Really, I was much more impressed than I would have thought.  But if you’re looking for my “ride or die” nude lipsticks, as I said in a recent post, here are my faves: 

  • an inexpensive nude with a satin finish that will work with most light to medium skin tones, try “Fairest Nude.” 
  •  a highly pigmented nude lip gloss, try “Nude Ballet.” 
  • an inexpensive nude lip liner is “Natural” by Rimmel.

Plus Size Thanksgiving Outfit 2

Plus Size Thanksgiving Outfits – Southern Edition - Part 1 - Plus Size Casual Fall Outfits - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #plussize #alexawebb

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Plus Size Thanksgiving Outfits – Southern Edition

Go here for Part 2.

Plus Size Thanksgiving Outfits – Southern Edition - Part 2 - Plus Size Casual Fall Outfits - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #plussize #alexawebb

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  1. I just adore your site!! You truly know the plus sized community and I appreciate you and all you do for us!!

  2. I apologize if you’ve addressed this earlier but have you found J Crew factory pieces run smaller than, lets say a Nordstrom brand (Sejour or Caslon) blouse? I want to try the lace top but am worried it will be too small. Thank you!

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