Straight Size to Plus Size – Winter Outfit

A new post for my “Straight Size to Plus Size” series, a plus size winter outfit, inspired by this Society 19 post.

Straight Size to Plus Size – Winter Outfit with Ponte Leggings, Turtleneck Tunic Sweater, Wide Calf Riding Boots, and a Duffle Coat - Alexa Webb

But, before I get into details, I wanted to discuss a few things…

Who to Feature

First of all, I recently asked you guys for suggestions on my Instagram stories.  I wanted to know who you’d like to see for style inspiration in my “Straight Size to Plus Size” series

I got so many great suggestions!

The top contenders are Jennifer Anniston, Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton, Reese Witherspoon, Tracee Ellis Ross, Rachel Moore or Pinteresting Plans, and Jen Reed of The Sister Studio.

I will be working on these!  Thank you so much for the ideas!

If you’d like to see someone who isn’t mentioned here, please let me know in the comments below.

‘Tis the Season

And in case you haven’t heard, I am working on my holiday content, including Black Friday sale information {coming soon}, holiday outfitsgift guides, and at least one “round up” of party dresses

I wanted to make sure to let you know that you can always easily find those topics, by clicking “Holiday” on the menu.

Or go to this page, which is basically “Holiday Central” here at

You may want to bookmark it.

And lastly, if there is anything specific you hope to see this holiday season, please let me know in the comments below.

My Disclaimer

And here is my usual disclaimer.

As I’ve said, these “Straight Size to Plus Size” posts are some of my most popular, but I also get complaints that the “models” in the images aren’t “plus sized.”

So I just wanted to give a little background of why I do these types of posts:

We are all inundated every day by images of thin celebrities, models, and bloggers sporting the “latest looks,” i.e. clothing that doesn’t come in our size.

So I try to take these “unattainable” images and prove that, in fact, with some effort, plus size women can put these hot looks together.  They are attainable!

And I try to take the effort, i.e. searching everywhere for the pieces, out of the equation.  

So as always, my main goal is to inspire and empower.

Ok, now back to the outfit idea!

Outfit Details

This plus size winter outfit is so easy.  It is just a mix of classic pieces in neutral colors.  This will never go out of style!

Take this plus size duffle coat, for example.

L.L.Bean has been offering this wool coat for many years.  It is a preppy gal’s staple.

I also offer some similar coat options below.  And I show this look with a different color duffle coat. 

Because this outfit is so neutral, practically any color coat will do!


I chose a hip-covering tunic length turtleneck sweater which pairs nicely with my favorite leggings.

My Favorite Ponte Leggings

These leggings are stretchy enough to be comfortable but sturdy enough to maintain their shape.  And they are thick enough to look smoother than a typical legging.  

Many readers have emailed me to say how much they love these leggings as I have been recommending them for years now!

However, if you are petite, try these or these.  For tall, try these.

Wide Calf Boots

As for the wide calf boots, I chose these, which are 16.5″ shaft tall and have a 17-19″ shaft circumference. 

If you don’t know what size boot circumference you need, check out this wide calf boots post.

I also wanted to mention that I highly recommend Duo Boots, if they’re in your budget.  They offer high-quality genuine leather boots in “custom” circumferences up to 20″!

Straight Size to Plus Size – Winter Outfit

Straight Size to Plus Size – Winter Outfit with Ponte Leggings, Turtleneck Tunic Sweater, Wide Calf Riding Boots, and a Duffle Coat - Alexa Webb

Shop the Look

Because the duffel coat was out of stock in grey when I wrote this, I wanted to show this look with another neutral color…

Plus Size Winter Outfit

Straight Size to Plus Size – Winter Outfit with Ponte Leggings, Turtleneck Tunic Sweater, Wide Calf Riding Boots, and a Duffle Coat - Alexa Webb

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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you click on or purchase through certain links, I may receive a small commission.

15 thoughts on “Straight Size to Plus Size – Winter Outfit

  1. I’d love to see some wide leg pants, or at least some current fashion looser leg pants rather than all the tight pants. These have been in the fashion magazines for some time – can we see them here for plus size.

  2. Thanks Alexa! You did it again, another great combo. Love your posts for inspiration to shop my closet – you have also inspired a number of my purchases as well ; -) ?. Another alt for ponte pants is Old Navy Stevie pants. They are reasonably priced, often on sale, really nice quality and they come in solids and prints PLUS much better than expected faux leather. Always looking forward to more great ideas! XOXO

  3. Thanks Alexa for all the great posts. I have a request for after the holidays – can you do a plus size petite style guide? You made a good recommendation for us plus size petites in one of your most recent posts and I would love more! Ooh and one for the nice and tall ladies too.

  4. Hi Alexa, oh divine style goddess! I love the gray coat. I can get a camel colored one instead (I don’t have any tan coats) – so should I wait till I can get a gray one or go with a tan/camel colored one? Thank you.

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