Plus Size Spring Casual Dress Outfits

Two plus size spring casual dress outfits.  One with a plus size white maxi dress and one with a black swing dress.

Remove the plus size denim jacket in warmer climates.

Plus Size Spring Casual Dress Outfits - White Maxi Dress with boho vibes! A white maxi dress is paired with a classic denim jacket, wooden platform sandals, straw GiGi Pip rancher hat, and a slouchy bag. Perfect for spring and into summer! A plus size casual boho outfit idea from Alexa Webb.

Constructive Criticism

I sometimes get complaints that my boho-style outfits aren’t colorful or playful enough.

But, this is how I do boho.

It’s just my style, which I realize isn’t for everyone.  And I’m a-ok with that.

Short Story Time

When I was 18 I attended one of my best friends’ high school graduation party.

The party was at her family home, a historical mansion that I had spent much of my youth in.

At the time, their patio and lawn were crowded with the upper echelon of our county. 

Think: wealthy private school teenagers with their brand new graduation presents parked in the driveway along with their parents who were a quality mix of doctors, judges, and lawyers.

My Counter-Culture Friend

My friend was late to her own party but made a grand entrance.

She had everyone’s attention when she danced onto the patio, clearly high as a kite!

She was wearing a flower crown on her head, glitter on her cheeks, and a thrifted patchwork maxi skirt. 

She did a twirl for the audience with ribbon streamers from her crown flowing behind her. 

You see, she was as happy as a gal could be having scored some hydroponic in the 90s.  

I later found out that she had gone to a fairy festival and her equally-stoned friends got lost on their way back.

My friend’s outfit and behavior shocked just about everyone in attendance. 

Mainly because my friend has a type-A personality.  She was an overachiever in a highly competitive academic environment.

She excelled in everything she did.  And she did a lot.

Plus, she was headed to a prestigious top-ranking university.

But, what I knew and they didn’t was that my friend liked to party just as hard as she studied. 

In fact, some of my greatest life adventures, most of which are too scandalous for this blog, happened with this friend.

How Bohemian Am I?

But, the point of my story is that I’ve never been to a fairy festival.

And even back when I was a teenager rebelling against my parents, I was never much of a hippie.

Sure, I love the Grateful Dead and Dave Matthews.  I have a heart, don’t I?

But, I’m much more likely to listen to the Wu-Tang Clan or Notorious B.I.G.

And for further reference, my favorite shoes in the 90s were my Docs and silver glitter Steve Madden platform mary janes that made me at least 5″ taller.

So while I love the boho style and love to see that it’s on-trend, I’m not going to wear a patchwork maxi skirt.  Ever.

My Boho Style

Do I occasionally enjoy dressing like I’m heading to Coachella?  Absolutely!  

But these days I prefer to look like the woman who paid extra for VIP seats and only takes medical-grade drugs.

I no longer do “lawn seats” or drink from strangers’ flasks while tailgating.

I like my boho a little more grown-up.  And this is how I do it.

Outfit Details

This plus size white maxi dress reminds me of the infamous nap dress that is not available in plus sizes. 

Well, some of the nap dresses are now available up to a size 20.

Plus Size White Maxi Dress like the Nap Dress. See full outfit from Alexa Webb

So this dress has the same vibe but costs less and comes in more sizes.  I consider that a win!

As always, top with a denim jacket as needed.

I offer more dress options with sleeves below.

I opted for a slouchy suede tote and some clog-inspired wooden platform sandals.

To take this look to the next level, I added some on-trend boho pieces, including a straw rancher hat.  

Rancher Hats

As I’ve said many times, rancher hats are all the rage! 

I have featured the wool rancher hats from Lack of Color many times on the blog. 

Wool Rancher Hat in Teak Brown Color - Alexa Webb

You can see more outfit ideas with rancher hats here, herehereherehereherehere, and here.

As you can see, a rancher hat is a great way to update your wardrobe!

And while I see many folks wearing their wool ranchers year-round, I would die of heatstroke!

Enter: the straw rancher!Straw Rancher Hat for plus size spring dress outfits with a boho vibe from Alexa Webb

A straw rancher hat is an easy way to turn a basic outfit into an on-trend look with a Western boho vibe.

Do you think you’re ready to try one?  That is if you haven’t already!


As for jewelry, I went with PAVOI thick gold hoops which can be found on Amazon.

I’ve talked about PAVOI jewelry many times.  And I must say the quality is really great for the prices!

I actually own a bunch of PAVOI pieces now. 

I started with a couple of their thick gold hoops, like the ones featured today, in the two largest sizes. 

I’m quite impressed! 

I’ve also recently discovered the brand Mevecco, also on Amazon.

I also recently purchased this turquoise braceletpaperclip bracelet, and cable bracelet.

I freakin’ love them all!

I’m planning to do a jewelry review on Amazon Live soon.  Just wearing some more pieces to see what I think and how they hold up.

In the meantime, you can check out my Amazon store and follow me on Amazon!

Jewelry Care

While I love these inexpensive pieces, they are only plated, so you might need to “baby” them for longevity.

Avoid the obvious: showers, pools, spraying your wrist with perfume while wearing them, etc.

Store them in air-tight plastic bags, if possible.  This will keep the plating from damage and tarnishing.

FYI, you can check out some more of my picks in my Amazon store.


As for the fragrance, I opted for a new discovery of mine: BYREDO’s “Mojave Ghost.”

Mojave Ghost Perfume - Alexa Webb

I’ve mentioned this scent before.  This spring I picked up the limited edition OUAI x BYREDO dry shampoo. 

Sadly, it is no longer available. 

It smells amazing and the dry shampoo, also available in the standard scent, is incredible!

As for the scent itself: it’s a woody musky scent. 

I am terrible at describing the “notes” of scents, so I will send you here.

But, I typically like very feminine floral scents. 

For example, I currently rock Dior’s J’Adore Lumiere or Versace’s Bright Crystal on the regular.

So I was surprised at how much I liked BYREDO’s Mojave Ghost.

It feels like a more modern scent.  A bit boho. 

Like something you’d wear to Burning Man in case you end up wanting to flirt with a hot EMT in the medical tent after taking too much peyote.   You know what I mean?  Lol.

It is certainly worth a try if you’re in the market for a trendier scent.

Go here for a selection of scented products.

Plus Size Spring Casual Dress Outfits – White Maxi Dress

Plus Size Spring Casual Dress Outfits - White Maxi Dress with boho vibes! A white maxi dress is paired with a classic denim jacket, wooden platform sandals, straw GiGi Pip rancher hat, and a slouchy bag. Perfect for spring and into summer! A plus size casual boho outfit idea from Alexa Webb.

Shop the Look


Just for fun, I wanted to show the same look with a black shorter dress.  Same vibe.

Plus Size Spring Casual Dress Outfits – Black Dress

Plus Size Spring Casual Dress Outfits - A plus size black swing dress with a classic denim jacket, a boho slouchy tote from Free People, platform sandals, and a straw fedora. Alexa Webb

Shop the Look

Plus Size Black Swing Dress (similar, similar, maxi, maxi, sleeves)

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11 thoughts on “Plus Size Spring Casual Dress Outfits

  1. I love your posts for great ideas and finding new places to shop! I love layering too…and the denim jacket makes these outfits polished… but its too hot 🙁 big girl needs to breathe in the summer. Need ideas. I do use some sleeveless long vests from Amazon in the summer. Heading in a cruise soon and need ideas!!

  2. What a fun and exciting post! I could perfectly picture your friend swaying in the wind with ribbons and the skirt blowing. The dress outfits and boho style are very cute! I like that the blue jean jacket accentuates the dresses. Love to try the Mojave Ghost, but it’s not in my budget unfortunately. Sounds like it would smell great!

  3. As usual, great email! Immediately went to Amazon and purchased two of the bracelets. Thank you, Alexa, you always make me feel better about myself.

  4. “I like my Boho all grown up” hahaha. I so LOVE that. Yes.
    Since I’m almost old enough to remember the original boho/flower children 😳😉, I’ll leave that style to you younger ones. But I send this blog to one of my young friends who would look amazing in either of those outfits. I have passed on your links to several of my 20 and 30 something friends/coworkers. They ALL love your outfits and style.

  5. I bought this dress and I love wearing it with the denim jacket but could use some new ideas on different ways to style it.

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